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ComoLoHacemos1The Nitrogen Oxides elimination is obtained by using the heterogeneous photocatalysis, which is an advanced oxidation technology that uses a photocatalyst (Titanium dioxide TiO2) and solar radiation. The development of this formulation, including the synthesis method of TiO2 and the assessment of its functioning has been developed under a research project carried out by almost all the partners that are taking part in this proposal and that it has been accomplished recently: the FÉNIX PROJECT “Strategic research on more safety and sustainable roads” (CENIT2007-1014-CDTI).

ComoLoHacemos2During the project it is intended to accomplish a demonstration of the working process of the FENIX formulation on a located area of the city of Madrid that will be completely sensorized in order to obtain all the needed information and as a consequence, be able to offer a commercial system with the aim of go through a mass production of its installation.

EQUINOX project which is planned for the next three years, will treat a surface of, approximately, 100,000 m2 of asphalt pavement in Madrid and assess the level of reduction of the concentration of nitrogen oxides in these particular areas.

ComoLoHacemos3In addition, the completion of the project will create a very useful area in Madrid (200 pollution control points and weather stations) that will help to explore improvement actions in order to reduce pollution in the city and will serve as a testing ground.

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