The goal of the ELSAN company, is to centralize and manage all activities of the OHL Group concerning urban services, road services and infrastructure services. The activity is mainly focused on three business areas: Roadway Services, Airport Services and Integral Conservations.


ELSAN was established in 1925 as a company for construction and maintenance of roads in order to participate in the so-called National Circuit of Special Firms, which began operations in 1926, driven by the Conde de Guadalhorce. In July 1996, ELSAN was integrated into the group of companies led by Obrascón that in 1998, following the merger with LAIN, was renamed OHL.

The current working strategy of Asphalts and Constructions, ELSAN, S.A. is specially developed in two sectors , the world of road ( urban and interurban ) and airports, exploiting for it its history and its past experience and relaying on their existing assets in which converge the strength of belonging to the OHL group, with the possession of important technical means (asphalt plants, paving equipment, asphalt slurry equipment, snow plow … ) and its valued human teams, which make up a technological prestigy very important in research and innovation.

It is to emphasize its strong technical background and the existence of a large central laboratory that undertakes all the actions and possible test of its production centers, own constructions, as well as external, and future collaborating in multiple investigations alone or in collaboration with higher centers of the country, as well as contributions to international works of the matrix.

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